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Lindsey Gates-Markel

Online election guide — We Choose Our Future — won for best UX

The second annual PygHack — a 24-hour hackathon at Research Park — took place in September. Just like last year, Pixo had a few hands in the hack. We staffed a table with consultants (and candy!) while the hack took place, and afterward, we judged the final hacks and awarded a Pixo Prize for best user experience (UX).

At a hackathon, user experience is typically not at the top of everyone’s list of priorities. Most people are just trying to get through the 24 hours with a functioning product to show for it.

But this year, we found a clear winner in the We Choose Our Future team. They built a live website for Champaign County voters to educate themselves and find all the local relevant election information collected in one place.

Read the full post on our Medium blog, Café Pixo.

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