Getting GIFy with it: How to mock up background video in Figma

by Tyler Edwards, Senior designer

How can you, the designer, demonstrate a motion background with a static mockup? This Figma tip will help you share your vision with clients and the development team.

An illustration of the Figma app logo and a GIF icon
The WordPress logo surrounded by electric-looking arrows and lightning bolts.
Modern WordPress development
A look at the WordPress technology stack we use at Pixo to make development a first-class experience for our developers and a quality product for our clients.
An illustration of university admins applauding their own website while a student begs for application instructions.
A reminder for university administrators: Your website isn't for you
If your website could only communicate one thing, what would it be?
Pixo values 2021 award winners shown next to a trophy
Pixonauts earn Core Value Awards from their peers
In accordance with Pixo tradition, we celebrated Pixo’s values during our last staff meeting of 2021 by honoring Pixonauts who best upheld each of our values during the year.
Text showing the title of Pixo's #design-discourse Slack channel.
Eyetracking tips, designing for older people, confirmation modals — and more!
A peek into Pixo’s design-discourse channel, where we get inspired and glimpse the future of software.
A hand-drawn phone showing a restaurant website and a frustrated person wondering if they're open.
How to update your restaurant’s website for a pandemic
Content changes are cheap, Grubhub sucks, and I’m hungry, so let’s figure this out together.
A conference table and chairs, with a laptop and supplies spread out.
Drawing toast: My new favorite brainstorm icebreaker
Turn anyone into a visual communicator in three minutes or less.
A LED display showing a string of lights design.
Hacking the holidays for a good cause
How we replaced our print holiday card with a website, 1,400 LED lights, and support for an invaluable community resource
A screengrab of code.
Hyperfine makes benchmarking CLI apps easy
With tooling like this, you could have a script that will benchmark the developer’s/CI agent’s machine the first time it’s run and then leave behind a small settings file with the best configuration.
An illustration of an engineer checking laptops in a chicken coop.
Taking the anxiety out of running a website
Websites won’t last forever, but regular maintenance will keep yours healthy and useful as long as you need it.
An illustration depicting a world of connected technologies.
Connected engineering
At Pixo, being good consultants means never taking the easy way out; particularly when it comes to making decisions that affect your final product.
What we believe; what we’re going to do
We willingly join the global call for justice and commit to measuring what matters.
Jason Berg and Mel Miller laughing together in Crane Alley in Urbana.
Melinda Miller and Jason Berg are Pixo’s new owners
Before the buyout, Melinda and Jason had been effectively running the company since January 2019 and have been part of Pixo’s leadership team since 2013 and 2015, respectively.
7 ways Symfony helped us build an international site
Making an international site is hard, but Symfony made it easier.
A box full of snacks, little champagne bottles, and a Pixo sticker.
Partying on Zoom: A look at Pixo’s end of the year celebration in 2020
How did we make our holiday party remote AND fun?
Water-like background with the word 'fluid' repeated in two different colors and varying sizes.
Defining fluid typography with static design mockups
And how it helps designers make the leap between initial vision and final product.