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Jason Berg

The protests that have erupted following the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor are an extraordinary show of support for a completely ordinary desire: that every person be treated with respect and dignity, free to live without the fear of being killed or having their lives suffocated by an oppressive system designed to maintain the status quo. This global outcry is a hopeful sign of change and a vital step forward on the long road toward racial justice.   At Pixo, we recognize that we can and must do more to take a stand against racism.


Matt Fotzler

Let’s talk about teammates. Think about the best people you’ve ever worked with. What makes them the cream of the crop to you? How can we be the best people our teammates have ever worked with? For me, the general answer is impact.

Lori Patterson

The IT consulting field has a longtime reputation for over-promising and under-delivering. When I worked at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in the early ’90s, I was on a project that delivered two years late. When I worked at Solo Cup company (now Dart), I watched as a consulting company repeatedly extended our go-live, finally launching our new Customer Management System 21 months late.

Shawna Culp

If you’re a Google-lover like I am, you no doubt know how awesome Gmail is. You probably also know how awesome Gmail can be, but have been too overwhelmed by all of the possible configurations to take advantage of them. Below are a few tips that I’ve discovered to make Gmail (and my life) better.



Over the summer, the University of Illinois campus slows down with college students but doesn’t go quiet. Hundreds of high school girls made their way to campus to attend a camp called GAMES, Girls Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering and Science. Across these fields, the percentage of females in these career paths has been low.



In a previous blog post, we explained Why We’re Decoupling Drupal. To learn more about how we decoupled one of our recent CMS projects, take a listen to “Content as a Service: What to know about decoupled CMS,” from our webinar with friends from Four Kitchens, on June 11th, 2015, hosted by Pantheon.  Pixo’s portion of the recording starts at 21:00.

Cate Kompare

What is Usability Testing? Usability testing is one of my favorite things to do as a User Experience Designer. At Pixo we usually get the opportunity to do usability testing when a project’s wireframe is near completion. By that time, we’ve spent months researching the audience and organization, analyzing our findings, and tweaking our design.

Lori Patterson

Our industry, IT Consulting, has a longtime reputation for over promising and under delivering. When I worked at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in the early ‘90’s, I was on a project that delivered two years late. When I worked at Solo Cup company (now Dart), I watched as our hired IT consulting company promised launch date after launch date and finally launched our new Customer Management System 21 months late.

Landi Najarro

Girls Rock! This is what we teach the best and brightest high school-aged girls that come to the Girls Adventures in Math Engineering and Science (GAMES) camp held every summer at the University of Illinois. The camp is meant to expose young women to the different STEM fields and to show them that they are more than capable of pursuing careers that are predominantly thought of as “male careers. ” I have taught computer science for the last 5 years through the GAMES camp.

Brandon Bowersox-Johnson

Last week, Pixo launched an exciting new website, DigitalLearn. org, created for and led by the Public Library Association (PLA), and launched in conjunction with a national digital literacy campaign by the Ad Council for EveryoneOn and Connect2Compete (a national nonprofit on a mission to eliminate the digital divide for all Americans). The goal of DigitalLearn.

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