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No problems whatsoever and no missing pieces at all

Recently, visual designer Tyler and I sat down with our CEO, Lori. She’d asked for an update on a web redesign project he and I had been blissfully working on. I had done weeks of discovery full of interviews and visits and had filled a wireframe with content design. Tyler had collaborated with our client on everything from palette to header styles, and we were nearing our final design deadline, to begin development immediately. Our client was happy and we were happy.

“So what’s the theme?” Lori asked.

Cue record scratch. The… theme?

How do we make sure the content and design are speaking the same language? How do we make sure our clients are truly understanding the direction? How do we ensure we’re creating impact? How do we align development and content teams? How do we inspire one another with the vision for the work we’re doing?

Uh, theme. Sure, sure, no problem. I was familiar with the word. So I read from the content strategy findings. I pointed Lori to the target audiences. I handed her the core content strategy. Tyler pulled up the design mockups, gut test, and style tiles. Desperate, I opened documents from the discovery phase — look, we did interviews! We did the legwork! Witness us!

The work we’d done was all good, she said. But there was a piece missing. …

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