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Jason Berg

“The only thing professionally better than being blessed to lead Pixo for 20 years is being able to confidently hand Pixo over to competent, like-minded colleagues.” — Lori Gold Patterson

With that, Lori Gold Patterson, Pixo’s co-founder and CEO, announced to our team that she will be transitioning leadership at Pixo to directors Jason Berg and Melinda Miller.

Melinda and Jason work closely with our clients from the very beginning to the very end of every major project so, while they have a lot to learn, they get our core business. They will be taking over Pixo’s leadership in Jan. 1, 2020.

There are very few places like Pixo. Lori started the company with her brother in Urbana in 1998, and they set out to prove that our field doesn’t have to be an unreasonable place for a human to exist. The entire Pixo team is committed to preserving the soul of the company — doing great work and maintaining a human-first culture.

“We will do that by continuing to invest in talented and diverse individuals, providing them with the tools, support, and opportunities they need to become the best versions of themselves, and by putting structures in place that amplify their collective strengths to produce incredible work. Our focus is on improving the everyday experience of people we work with, work for, and work on behalf of,” Jason says.

Jason is our Director of Business Development and has worked at Pixo since January 2015. He has a passion for helping people see their challenges, their ideas, and themselves in new and inspiring ways.

“What we do here at Pixo is unique. We’re not just building things. We’re solving problems for people in a highly collaborative manner. It’s amazing to witness how we help transform the organizations we work with,” Melinda says.

Melinda is our Director of Consulting and has worked at Pixo since January 2012. She oversees the engineering, user experience design, project management, and quality assurance teams.

Pixo’s 26-member team is looking forward to celebrating its 20th anniversary this July, honoring Lori for her two decades of leadership, and continuing our legacy of innovation and creativity.

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