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I was part of the first project team at Pixo that included pair programming as an explicit part of our team charter. The four of us dove into it. I remember how exciting it was reading up on the benefits and planning our own project space with all the right monitors and peripherals to make it work. We experienced all the ups and downs: it was so great to be constantly communicating and planning as a team! It was so exhausting to talk that much. It was so cool to bounce ideas off each other all the time! Sometimes it felt like so much work just to get a few lines of code written.

How I felt about pair programming then…

It didn’t take our team long to get the hang of pair programming. Pretty soon our biggest challenges were deciding each morning who would pair with who and which tickets we’d work on. All things considered, those are about the best challenges a dev team could have at the top of their list. It was at this energetic peak of enthusiasm that I wrote down my list of “why you should be pair programming.”

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