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Lindsey Gates-Markel

It’s Wednesday afternoon at Pixo, and the Hall of Justice is getting restless. The #happy-hour Slack channel starts to light up as 4:45 ticks closer. Finally, it appears:

It’s 4:45, and Marty, our recently appointed Director of Technology, has deemed it time for “a Marty.”

To properly enact a Marty:

  • Walk across the street to Crane Alley.
  • Order one beer.
  • Pay for the beer.
  • Drink the beer.

The Marty is a cherished ritual at Pixo, but it was borne from necessity. Marty Kane likes beer, and the camaraderie of happy hour, but he can’t languish with a mug of suds all evening — he only has a few minutes before his wife Melody will be picking him up with their 3-year-old twins, Alison and Tommy, in tow.

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