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Melinda Miller

Last week at Pixo’s last staff meeting of the year, we took time out from the goofy (favorite Slack of the year) and serious (our most memorable client moments) to recognize eight team members for upholding our values throughout the year.

We call these our Core Value Awards, and every year various teams at Pixo select one of their peers to recognize.

Picture shows headshots of all 8 winners
Top row: Lindsey Gates-Markel, Joanna Troutman, Matt Fotzler, Emilee Noh. Bottom row: Jenna Frye, Renee Sliwa, Renee Beere, Allie Ofisher

The 2020 winners are:

We’re honest and transparent: Renee Beere for fostering transparency throughout Pixo by improving project management processes, budget tracking visibility with clients, and exemplifying speaking in a forthright manner with clients.

We take initiative: Renee Sliwa for proactively helping others and tackling obstacles with a vengeance. Renee plays an essential part of making sure everyone has what they need to do their jobs.

We invest: Matt Fotzler for contributing to our engineering team by helping with engineering career pathways, taking on sys admin tasks, and encouraging teammates to become AWS certified.

We are committed to work-life balance: Lindsey Gates-Markel for bringing light and energy to Pixo, speaking up in turbulent times, and helping shape the way we respond.

Diversity makes us stronger: Jenna Frye for advocating and showing passion for diversity, investing in educating herself and others, and literally bringing us all together by planning inclusive events.

We’re on our client’s team: Allie Ofisher for looking out for our clients’ best interests and sticking up for the people who use the products we make

People come first: Emilee Noh for always taking note of every person in the room and making sure they are considered and encouraged.

We demand quality of ourselves and each other: Joanna Troutman for expecting our work to be exceptional and challenging us to push to the next level.

And thanks to the whole Pixo team for making our values part of every single day.

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