Brian Walters

Brian Walters

Lead Web Developer

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own." –Bruce Lee

BDub has been working with the web professionally since 2008, but began learning the building blocks long before then, starting with NeoPets. After finishing classes at Parkland College, he started working for 2wav. There, he built websites, CMSs, home automation systems, and did a few other programming odd jobs while also handling front-end web development work.
BDub joined Pixo in 2014 as a front-end developer. He is now a lead web developer, handling the entire stack of a web application. He loves the web and is interested in accessible, content-driven, blazing-fast websites that give users the smoothest experience. He is an expert on MVC frameworks such as Angular and Symfony. He knows a lot about making semantic, screen-reader friendly HTML and responsive websites.
BDub spends a lot of his time outside of work playing games. His nickname is not a reference Buffalo Wild Wings.


JavaScript: Angular, React, Vue, Mocha & Chai, Express, Nunjucks, GreenSock Animation Platform, Stylus
PHP: Symfony, Doctrine, Twig, Sonata


Parkland College – Digital Media


Pixo, 2018 – present – Lead Web Developer

Pixo, 2014-2018 – Developer

2wav, 2009 – 2014  Developer

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