Joseph Mistretta

Joseph Mistretta

Software Engineer

“Dude, suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.” - Jake the Dog

Joseph joined Pixo in early February 2019 as a software engineer, and has been loving it ever since! Born in North Carolina, he was almost immediately carted off to live in Okinawa, Japan for several years. There, his fondness for travel and the outdoors was ingrained into his brain as he visited interesting places like Tokyo, the Great Wall, and Forbidden City of China. After returning to the states, he became an Eagle Scout and quickly retreated indoors to discover a passion for video games and programming. Not being able to choose between the two, Joseph pursued an education in both, eventually graduating with degrees in Computer Science and Game Design. As a result he enjoys finding interesting ways to blend artistic and technical prowess into everything he does, and has been programming happily ever after.

Outside of work, Joseph enjoys camping, developing games, the idea of traveling, letting Netflix play on an endless loop, slaying dragons with his mind, and hanging out with his Illinois friends. He hopes to one day revisit the distant places where he grew up, but he’s very satisfied with his new Illinois home in the meantime!


C#, C++, .NET, MySQL, Javascript, Unity, Unreal


East Tennessee State University – B.S. in Computer Science
East Tennessee State University – B.S. in Game Design


Pixo, 2019-Present – Software Engineer
Covenant Transportation, 2017-2019 – Software Developer

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