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Landi Najarro



In a previous blog post, we explained Why We’re Decoupling Drupal. To learn more about how we decoupled one of our recent CMS projects, take a listen to “Content as a Service: What to know about decoupled CMS,” from our webinar with friends from Four Kitchens, on June 11th, 2015, hosted by Pantheon.  Pixo’s portion of the recording starts at 21:00.

Cameron Macintosh

Everyone loves Pantheon hosting’s time-saving one-click updates for Drupal and WordPress. If you are putting a site onto Pantheon that already has revision history in Git, then you likely want to keep your history. But if you create a Pantheon site from an existing Git repo, one-click updates will not be available.

Brandon Bowersox-Johnson

If you’re about to embark on a CMS website project, now is the time to consider whether you might benefit from an approach that decouples your CMS from your website. In this post, we assess the pain points of tightly-coupled Drupal that led us to adopt a decoupled approach. Traditionally, building a Drupal site goes like this: Download and install Drupal.

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