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Lindsey Gates-Markel

In August of 2015, Pixo started the discovery phase of redesigning the website for the College of Applied Health Sciences (AHS) at the University of Illinois Chicago. By the time we wrapped up Phase I of the project, Pixo’s director of UX, Melinda, and I felt like we knew the college really well. We’d talked to about 175 people associated with AHS through questionnaires, workshops, and a lot of interviews.



In a previous blog post, we explained Why We’re Decoupling Drupal. To learn more about how we decoupled one of our recent CMS projects, take a listen to “Content as a Service: What to know about decoupled CMS,” from our webinar with friends from Four Kitchens, on June 11th, 2015, hosted by Pantheon.  Pixo’s portion of the recording starts at 21:00.

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