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Tyler Edwards

For web designers, the chasm between static mockups and the final website has always been vast. It’s a lot like the path from concept art to a completed film; the artist creates a painted vision for what they hope a particular scene will look like, but it’s impossible to account for the actual motion that will eventually define it. Websites are living, moving, and ever-evolving entities, while design mockups are momentary, simple, static paintings.

Landi Najarro



Pixo created a modern and super-functional website for The Illini Union that unifies all of the diverse services the Union offers as well as increases foot traffic and student investment. The Union’s new website was unveiled on January 17th, 2014 at union. illinois.

Brandon Bowersox-Johnson

Last week, Pixo launched an exciting new website, DigitalLearn. org, created for and led by the Public Library Association (PLA), and launched in conjunction with a national digital literacy campaign by the Ad Council for EveryoneOn and Connect2Compete (a national nonprofit on a mission to eliminate the digital divide for all Americans). The goal of DigitalLearn.

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