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Cameron Macintosh

In addition to the SmallDateTime bug outlined in a previous post, I also encountered this troublesome bug involving truncated SQL data because of a MSSQL nuance on lengthy VARCHAR fields. The Lost Field of Text There existed several string/text fields in the legacy MSSQL database defined with 1000-8000 character capacity. However initially I was only getting the first 255 characters.

Cameron Macintosh

Pixo is currently developing a web-based publication workflow application for American Library Association’s Choice Magazine and Choice Reviews Online utilizing the PHP framework Symfony to build a web based publication workflow application.  A major component includes migrating 30+ years of legacy data out of a MSSQL database into a redesigned SQL schema in Symfony.   Early in the project, I encountered this particularly nasty problem regarding smallDateTime fields as I was setting up the MSSQL side of the migration using the default MSSQL PHP driver.

Cameron Macintosh



With the rise of technology, there has been a rise in programming languages. With a growing list of languages, including C, C++, PHP, ASP, Java, and Python, how should a prospective developer get started? When dealing with programming, there should almost always be a target in mind. I advise picking a project or an area of interest and programming around it.

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