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Dear followers of Pixo news, Some of you may not know about Pixo’s (not-so) secret double life. Pixo has a product. In fact, it is not the first time Pixo has had a product (remember WebEasel?) but this product, the Vehicle VIN Barcode Scanner, is still going strong and we’re having a great time expanding and enhancing our service to the automotive industry. Not only do we have both free and paid apps for both Android and iOS, but we also created the underlying technology behind the high-quality robust VIN scanning that the apps were built to highlight. You can learn more about how it all happened on our website portfolio page for our VIN Barcode Scanning Technology. But in a nutshell, it’s high-quality scanning technology that was built specifically for scanning automotive VIN barcodes and doing it really WELL. barcode app screenshots I came onto the scene in September of 2012 after the apps had been built along with a website, complete with How To video. Pixo wanted to know how they could grow the user base of the underlying VIN scanning technology, of course, because when you <dream> build an awesome thing, you want to get more people to know about it and use it, and then maybe it will become a self-sustaining business of its own </dream> ! So, we’ve been analyzing and tweaking our business model and we’ve made a few exciting changes, with plans for even more on the horizon.  

Exciting Update #1

Pixo now offers our VIN barcode scanning technology as an easy-to-integrate mobile SDK for both Android and iOS, packaged for large companies with in-house developers or for individuals or startups to license and plug into their app dreams. With well over a dozen national automotive corporations using our technology now, we know we can stand behind our technology. It works. It works really well. And the price is right, affordable licensing for enterprises and even a super sweet startup price for businesses and developers just starting out. Learn more about the SDKs at: http://vehiclebarcodescanner.com/vin-developer-sdks  

Exciting Update #2

I’m a gardener and a mom. With anything you want to grow healthy and strong, you need to feed it. Nurture and take care of something, in order to sustain growth. That said, our apps needed some TLC. Built with a beautiful user interface and the robust scanning technology they are off to a great start, but people want more! And at the same time, while our free app is super popular, conversions to our pro app are just beginning. Why? Juicy features! We’ve had some great feedback from our customers on ideas and features they would like to see in our apps. We’re committed to adding new features to the Pro app this year and we’ll be reaching out to anyone who has ever contacted us with suggestions to get even more insight into how we will build more things that they will want to use. Got ideas? Leave a comment on this blog or email barcode@pixotech.com and let us know what you’d like to see added to the Vehicle Barcode Scanner Pro app!  

Exciting Update #3

We have just updated our app in the app stores to make sure it is accurately catching new and updated VIN numbers and we think you’ll be even happier with it then ever! My colleague, Cate, and I went out to O’Brien Automotive of Urbana (my favorite dealership in Champaign-Urbana) and field-tested our apps on a slew of new and used vehicles, scanning tons of VINs, and let me tell you, even as the product manager of this technology, I was amazed by how fast and accurate the VIN scanning was. I tried to take a few photos of some badly printed VIN barcodes that were behind tinted windows, and under seriously dirty glass, and it was hard to get a screenshot because the VIN scanner just kept on working and scanning those VINs flawlessly! barcode app scanner success screenshot

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