Announcing our 2022 Core Value Award winners

A favorite end-of-year tradition, we recently honored staff who best exemplified our core values in 2022.
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Pixo’s core values represent who we strive to be, day in and day out, with our team and with our clients. As a tradition at the end of each year, we honor Pixo staff who best exemplified these values. Staff members nominate their peers, and from those nominations,  various groups at Pixo choose a colleague to recognize for each of the eight values. Here are the winners for 2022, along with a few words shared about them during the awards ceremony.


We demand quality of ourselves and each other

Winner: Jeremy Boehme, QA analyst

Jeremy not only thinks about quality on projects but applies it to business aspects of Pixo as well, ensuring we have accurate and efficient reports. He has pushed for best practices and invested time researching new approaches to quality assurance. Where would we BDD without Jeremy?

Diversity makes us stronger

Winner: Derika Featherston, project manager

Derika makes an effort to learn about herself and others. She brings an honest voice to tough topics, while encouraging others to engage in the conversation as well. Her willingness to share her perspective as a remote employee, an advocate for people-first workplaces, a mom, a Black woman in tech, a world traveler, and an aspiring astrologer is a high point in our DEI efforts, the Pixo blog, and our projects.

We take initiative

Winner: Andrew Wobeck, software engineer

Andrew is a natural leader. Having him on the team makes everyone’s job easier, because instead of just focusing on the task at hand, he is always thinking about the big picture. In his first year at Pixo, he has taken initiative on every project he’s been involved in. Beyond project work, he started a “Tech Radar” segment for the engineering team meeting and built an app that finds new software technology to talk about.

We’re honest & transparent

Winner: Amanda Langworthy, lead content strategist

Amanda is someone you can count on to make sure hard things don’t go unacknowledged. She puts herself out there and asks tough questions, often breaking the silence and confusion and starting us on a path toward resolution. She calls it like it is in the best way. She does this on a super-human level, and it’s been invaluable to the team.

We’re on our client’s team

Winner: Alex Kuhl, lead web developer

Alex is dependable, patient, kind, easy to work with, a great leader, and has great hair! He takes gives 100% to every project, and takes time to thoughtfully educate our clients and help them make smart decisions. This year, Alex helped Pixo secure a contract at a critical time, and when he determined it would be best for him to step back and focus on other projects, he continued to be a team player and support the project via knowledge transfers.

We invest

Winner: Lyndsey Groth, content strategist

This year, Pixo has focused more energy on strategic marketing, and this year’s winner has spearheaded our efforts in this new company investment. Although experienced in marketing, Lyndsey has had to stretch into new territory and has helped her teammates level up with her. Her willingness to stick her neck out was just what we needed.

We’re committed to work/life balance

Winner: Melinda Miller, CEO & co-owner 

Mel has faced a great deal of trial in 2022, both here at Pixo and especially at home. Maintaining a balance of presence and priority has likely felt impossible at times—but Mel has done it. She took the time to not only care for her family in a sacrificial way, but wisely took time for herself to rest and recoop. And every time she perceived that one of us was facing similar hardships, she would strongly recommend time off. Each of us are able to live healthier, more balanced lives because of the way that she has.

People come first

Winner: Nicole Haglund, project manager 

During my first year at Pixo, Nicole would reach out to help, sometimes rescheduling her own meetings to support me. She is thoughtful, committed, reliable, and highly adaptable. One thing I love about collaborating with her is she always has a creative approach to problem solving — maybe because she’s been project manager, account coordinator, marketing PM, and UXD manager in the 10 months I’ve been here. Is there anything she can’t do? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she started writing code next year. 

Do these values align with yours?

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