Do you need a web content specialist?

by Amanda Langworthy, Lead content strategist

Content is often the most time-consuming part of creating and maintaining a new website. Here's how you know when to hire a dedicated web content specialist and what skills they need.

A note pad with a red pen on top of it
rows of corn growing in soil
Pixo + ag: How can we help you grow?

Appropriate tools can mean the difference between success and struggle. But how exactly can Pixo benefit those in the agriculture industry? Keep reading to find out.

Photos of the conference space inside a hotel with a light up marquee that says,
Key insights from the NAMA's 2024 spring conference

Our director of business development, Danielle Hendricks, recently attended the National Agri-Marketing Association's (NAMA) spring conference. Keep reading to learn how Danielle's takeaways can transform your approach to ag tech!

a picture of a target with several arrows landing on and around it, missing the bullseye
Why your website isn't converting: The missing link

If your sleek, user-friendly website isn’t converting customers, your content might not align with what your audience wants. Align them, and conversions will follow!

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How much does a website cost? The art of crafting custom digital experiences with Pixo

Determining the cost of a custom website is like asking, "How much does it cost to build a house?" The answer varies, depending on size, customization, and purpose.

An image of a compilation of photos, one of a group of people gathered in a cafe chatting over coffee, and three images of desk set ups for the coworking spaces and private offices. Text on image reads,
A new coworking space for our community

Pixo’s office, in the heart of downtown Urbana, IL, is not just a web and software consultancy but also a coworking space. Learn how we creatively transformed our workspace into something entirely new.

Pixo values text with trophy graphic next to hands holding soil and farm equipment in a field
Shared values, shared success: Pixo's core values and our ag clients

Pixo's core values resonate with the ethos of the agriculture industry, which makes Pixo a great partner for agtech and ag projects.

image of three heads in bubbles, showing the three speakers of the event this blog recaps
A very human tech conference: Pixo’s experience at Web Con 2024

Several of us from Pixo attended the annual University of Illinois Web Conference. As a longstanding supporter of this event, which was in its 24th year, we were proud once again to be presenters and attendees.

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Unlock the secret to online success with Pixo's content strategy

Pixo's content strategy helps you deliver engaging, purposeful content that resonates with your audience.

Two images in a frame. First image: two people standing inside a barn smiling and looking off camera. second image: a wide shot of an outdoor farm area with silos, people walking, and a white machine shed on a misty, foggy day.
Pixo's eye-opening visit to Maple Farms

Seeing generational shifts and technological challenges firsthand from a Midwestern family farm's perspective.

Academics webpage on a laptop sitting on a table
Top 5 things to know before your higher ed website redesign

Embarking on a higher education website project doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With even just a quick review of these five elements, you’ll come to the project table with more confidence.

Headshots of the 2023 Core Value Award winners
Celebrating our 2023 Core Value Award winners

It's that time of year again – announcing the folks who exemplified our core values in 2023!

Illustrated woman standing on a laptop holding a pencil watching a paper airplane fly
How to get content on your site

By recognizing the collective effort needed to create content, and by assigning clear responsibilities, you pave the way for an efficiently managed website.

Lindsey and Allie reviewing a computer screen together at the Pixo office
Website audits: An easy way to end the year strong

The end of the year is coming soon — what can you do with these last few weeks? Our advice: check in on your website.

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Should I publish this page?

Your website isn’t a filing cabinet — it’s a tool to help specific people accomplish specific tasks. Here’s a helpful decision tree for knowing when to add new content to your site, and when to help stakeholders understand there’s a more useful place for it.

Woman wearing a mixed reality headset viewing the Los Angeles Times website with an under construction pop-up
Is your website ready for the spatial browsing era?

With Apple’s announcement of the new Vision Pro, it seems that the “spatial computing era” has finally dawned. What does this mean for your website?