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We create apps, websites, and software that put people first.

Make something great with us.

We're a woman-owned web and software company that's been partnering with clients to untangle tough problems in content, design, and code for more than 20 years.

What it's like to work with Pixo

We don't solve problems at face value. We dig deep to find the why behind the what.

  • Two illustrated Pixonauts collaborate with sticky notes.

    We partner

    with our team and our clients to uncover opportunities and outline clear goals.

  • An illustrated Pixonaut researcher takes notes while another friendly creature uses an app and thinks out loud.

    We discover

    what people really need from a product through rich conversation and research.

  • Two illustrated Pixonauts pair program, writing code together.

    We build

    as we go, adapting our approach to create custom solutions without clinging to a rigid process.

We solve challenges like these:

  • Adding rich context with augmented reality apps

    We make human-centered software that helps people understand our clients' products. With augmented reality (AR), customers can layer virtual data and visuals onto the real world. With our collaboration, they'll see useful information that they really care about. From virtually driving a massive earth-mover to visualizing a new piece of equipment, AR apps help people see the full picture, bringing products to life—even when it's not real life.

    A young farmer using AR projected technology on a farm
  • Empowering farmers with useful data

    When we partner with leaders in the agtech industry, we create innovative software and powerful results for growers. Useful data requires an infrastructure strong enough for unstable internet, interfaces that reflect how real people work, and websites that provide the information growers really need, wherever they are around the globe.

    Portrait of senior farmer standing in soybean field at sunset
  • Innovating a cohesive yet flexible multisite

    Multisite systems—like the one we built for the University of Illinois College of Fine and Applied Arts—can bring consistency to any group of websites. The college required significant visual difference between departments, so our team (content strategists, designers, and web developers) created a system in WordPress that allows each one to customize design and content for their unique audiences, without sacrificing consistency.

    An art student painting on an easel

We're also really into:

  • building with Symfony
  • drawing toast
  • collaborating in Miro
  • advocating for accessibility
  • conversational AI
  • usability testing
  • including dark mode
  • maintaining AWS certification
  • exploring agile frameworks
  • reading together for Pixo book club
  • behavior driven development
  • object-oriented UX

Come and learn with us.

We’re committed to quality, so we’re always thinking about how to get better.

An illustration of the Figma app logo and a GIF icon
Getting GIFy with it: How to mock up background video in Figma
How can you, the designer, demonstrate a motion background with a static mockup? This Figma tip will help you share your vision with clients and the development team.
The WordPress logo surrounded by electric-looking arrows and lightning bolts.
Modern WordPress development
A look at the WordPress technology stack we use at Pixo to make development a first-class experience for our developers and a quality product for our clients.
An illustration of university admins applauding their own website while a student begs for application instructions.
A reminder for university administrators: Your website isn't for you
If your website could only communicate one thing, what would it be?

The humans behind Pixo

We're a passionate group of designers and engineers, makers and managers, left brains and right brains, bookworms and guitar heroes. We care about each other and the work that we do.

  • Jason Berg
    Jason Berg
    President + co-owner
  • Jeremy Boehme
    Jeremy Boehme
    Project manager
  • Alex Doane
    Alex Doane
    UI/UX designer
  • Tyler Edwards
    Tyler Edwards
    Senior designer
  • Matthew Fotzler
    Matthew Fotzler
    Senior software engineer
  • Jenna Frye
    Jenna Frye
    Account coordinator
  • Lindsey Gates-Markel
    Lindsey Gates-Markel
    Senior content strategist
  • Lyndsey Groth
    Lyndsey Groth
    Content strategist
  • Becky Hicks
    Becky Hicks
    Executive assistant and consulting coordinator
  • Noor Hillmy
    Noor Hillmy
    Project manager
  • Chris Hopkins
    Chris Hopkins
    Engineering manager
  • Alex Kuhl
    Alex Kuhl
    Lead engineer
  • Amanda Langworthy
    Amanda Langworthy
    Content strategist
  • Melinda Miller
    Melinda Miller
    CEO + co-owner
  • Nicole Haglund
    Nicole Haglund
    Lead project manager + QA specialist
  • Anne Mock
    Anne Mock
    Junior developer
  • Landi Najarro
    Landi Najarro
    Lead engineer
  • Allie Ofisher
    Allie Ofisher
    Lead user experience designer
  • Jason Rambeck
    Jason Rambeck
    Lead web developer
  • Danielle Hendricks
    Danielle Hendricks
    Account executive
  • Renee Sliwa
    Renee Sliwa
    Office manager + finance lead
  • Joanna Troutman
    Joanna Troutman
    Director of operations
  • Chris Wahlfeldt
    Chris Wahlfeldt
    Web developer
  • Brian Walters
    Brian Walters
    Lead web developer
  • Ben Young
    Ben Young
    Senior software engineer
  • Steve Zazeski
    Steve Zazeski
    Lead software engineer

Join our team

Working at Pixo is serious fun. We build tech, but we're not robots—we value honesty, vulnerability, and actual work-life balance.

At Pixo, everyone has a seat at the table. You'll collaborate with clients from a range of industries, and teammates in UX, content strategy, software engineering, graphic design, and project management. We’ll challenge you to bring your best, and you can expect colleagues who love what we do and communicate candidly and constructively.

Job openings

Don't see a job for you? We're always looking for curious people who love a good challenge. Introduce yourself—we'd love to meet you.

Pixo is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity employer, and we know that diversity and inclusion are competitive requirements, not “nice to haves.”

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