Should I publish this page?

by Amanda Langworthy, Lead content strategist

Your website isn’t a filing cabinet — it’s a tool to help specific people accomplish specific tasks. Here’s a helpful decision tree for knowing when to add new content to your site, and when to help stakeholders understand there’s a more useful place for it.

Flow chart bubbles connected by arrows
Post-it notes on a blue background with the numbers 1, 2, 3
3 signs that you need a UX designer

How do you know that your website or app is working for the people who need it? A bad user experience is bad for business — but a UX designer can help.

Three sets of hands adding sticky notes to a journey map
What is Behavior Driven Development, and why is it valuable?

QA analyst Jeremy Boehme defines Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and answers all the questions: How does BDD work? Why is it good for the lifespan of your software? What’s the difference between BDD and TDD?

Danielle Hendricks with the hosts of the Virtual CPA Success Show podcast
It's less about selling tech, and more about understanding people

I visited the Virtual CPA Success Show podcast to talk about my role as account executive, and how I connect organizations to the Pixo team to help solve their problems through tech.

Cinderella's body with a website homepage as the head
More than pretty: How effective visual design goes beneath the surface

Investing in visual design is worth it — because how a website looks is a big part of how it works.

Pixo CEO Melinda Miller smiling while sitting at a table with colleagues
Taking pride in who you are – and finding a workplace that does too

If you’re LGBTQIA, it’s worth seeking a workplace that sees your differences as a strength, not a liability.

Illustration of three hands holding equal-sized parts of a pie chart
Your content strategy needs more than executive-level stakeholders

When designing a digital product, the highest level decision makers aren’t the only voices that matter. Talk to employees who will actually rely on the product day to day.

Three raised fists on a yellow background under the text
Celebrating Juneteenth with black-owned businesses I love

I grew up celebrating Juneteenth in Texas, so I wanted to share my experience — and host a digital festival of vendors — with my colleagues and friends as part of Pixo's DEI committee celebrations this year.

Woman's hand stops a row of wood dominos from falling.
How to communicate risk and empower your clients

Communicating project risk can be tough, but providing multiple options for next steps makes it easier for your team and your client to decide on the best way forward.

An illustration of a bowl of chips on background of chips
Pixo’s annual Dorito Day: The power of celebrating just because

Our favorite made-up holiday is as much about shared joy as it is about junk food.

A smiling woman in a yellow shirt standing next to a smiling woman in a red shirt standing around a table with coworkers
More than a vendor: Three reasons to choose a consulting team for your tech project

When you’re planning to invest in a new website or app, partnering with the right team is key. Find out how Pixo works, and why a consultancy like ours could be the right fit.

Zoom grid with 15 people in a remote meeting with pictures of donuts as their background
Zoom background themes: An actually fun icebreaker for your next staff meeting

This low-barrier staff activity has kept the Pixo team connected for two years and counting.

A robot holding a wrench and pliers
You don’t need to be an engineer to build an automation

You are a human — you should be doing human things. Let a robot do your repetitive computer tasks, like this simple macro for Google Sheets.

Three metal entrances each labeled with a do not enter sign
Is your company’s culture holding you back?

It's not a good sign when people aren’t learning or growing in their roles. Finding a healthy culture has been vital for my career and my health.

Young boy with glasses and striped shirt at a laptop with right hand raised and pointer finger up
How I learned to hang up my ego and design with humility

I came to my design role at Pixo with a me-centered mindset, which drove me into a brick wall during one of my first projects.

Three line-drawn medical staff performing surgery on a patient
Brain surgeons use checklists, and so should you

When developing websites and software, the humble checklist can help improve quality and free up mental space.