Do you need a web content specialist?

by Amanda Langworthy, Lead content strategist

Content is often the most time-consuming part of creating and maintaining a new website. Here's how you know when to hire a dedicated web content specialist and what skills they need.

A note pad with a red pen on top of it
Flow chart bubbles connected by arrows
Should I publish this page?

Your website isn’t a filing cabinet — it’s a tool to help specific people accomplish specific tasks. Here’s a helpful decision tree for knowing when to add new content to your site, and when to help stakeholders understand there’s a more useful place for it.

Woman wearing a mixed reality headset viewing the Los Angeles Times website with an under construction pop-up
Is your website ready for the spatial browsing era?

With Apple’s announcement of the new Vision Pro, it seems that the “spatial computing era” has finally dawned. What does this mean for your website?

Sonic the Hedgehog figurine sits on top of a shelf while a developer codes in the background
Website performance: How site speed affects UX

Website performance is a foundational aspect of the user’s experience. Here's how to test and improve your site speed.

Hero image from C-U One-to-One website
Little time, less budget? Start with a content review

Our recent pro bono work with the C-U One-to-One Mentoring program proves that content best practices can go a long way in making your website more inviting and manageable.

core values icons
Announcing our 2022 Core Value Award winners

A favorite end-of-year tradition, we recently honored staff who best exemplified our core values in 2022.

Lindsey wearing pink pom-pom earrings and writing on a pink Post-it
How to write accessible web content

Following a few content tips can make a big difference in the accessibility of your website.

Illustration of arrows encircling an hourglass
Nobody has time for manual end-to-end testing

The value of automated end-to-end tests becomes much more obvious when looking at the ways that manual end-to-end testing often falls short.

Illustrated man viewing data on a laptop surrounded by a calculator, coins, and charts
Revealing the hidden depths of complicated data

We built a custom data warehouse that integrates with Power BI and Amazon Web Services, helping an online apparel retailer make more informed decisions.

Woman taking a box off the top shelf
Should you buy off-the-shelf software or build custom?

There are benefits and business cases for both. Here’s what to consider when deciding on an approach for your new software solution.

Three illustrated hands holding mobile phones
Stop spinning your wheels by focusing on content that matters

If you manage content for a website, take some pressure off and save yourself time by ditching these long-held beliefs about the web.

Man looking frustrated while assembling a piece of wood furniture
Know what you’re testing before you build it

How Behavior Driven Development (BDD) helps to inform early stages of production, not just the end-to-end testing.

Illustrated hands typing on a laptop
Customizing the author experience in WordPress

Of course we customize the front-end of a website, but we should customize the authoring interface, too, to better serve the content and the site manager.

An illustrated woman holding a smiling face and a frowning face, balancing on a board with a fulcrum that's a neutral face
Striking a balance between your values and your benefits

Just like many aspects of life, you won’t always find a company who is a “perfect fit” for you, but finding a place that fulfills your most important values could be the key to your happiness, psychological safety, and satisfaction at work.

100 people, mostly happy, but there’s always a few getting frustrated
Giving your future self a little credit with progressive enhancement

The web is complex, and the things you build are going to fail. With progressive enhancement, though, you can deliver the best possible experience to each and every user even when things go wrong.

A mock unit test example
What is Behat? An intro to the BDD framework

To implement automated testing that improves your code and saves you time, here's how to use Behat, a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) PHP framework.