Key insights from the NAMA's 2024 spring conference

Our director of business development, Danielle Hendricks, recently attended the National Agri-Marketing Association's (NAMA) spring conference. Keep reading to learn how Danielle's takeaways can transform your approach to ag tech!
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Key insights from NAMA

 The National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) is the premier organization for ag marketers. For more than 60 years, NAMA has provided education and insights to set its members up for success. Pixo was honored to meet agriculture professionals from all walks of life at NAMA 2024.

Attendees enjoyed speakers, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities. Danielle brought back 3 key insights from the event.

  1. Bring the energy you want to receive.
    One standout message emphasized the importance of positivity. A positive attitude can uplift not only individuals but entire teams and organizations. At Pixo, we, too, encourage our team to bring enthusiasm to every project. We recognize that positivity is contagious. A great attitude has the ability to fuel creativity and productivity. 
  2. Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.
    This may sound backward, but falling in love with a challenge removes its power to frustrate you. As a tech consultancy, “problems” exist as learning opportunities. We see opportunities to improve processes and the lives they impact. NAMA attendees were encouraged to delve deep into understanding the root causes behind challenges. That’s something we’re passionate about, too. 
  3. Lead with curiosity & create conditions where the best solutions can be created.
    A commitment to curiosity was a recurring theme throughout the conference. Attendees were reminded of the power of curiosity in driving innovation and growth. Asking questions, exploring new ideas, and embracing diverse perspectives can solve complex problems.

The future of agri-marketing is bright! By adopting a positive mindset, embracing problem-solving as a way of life, and maintaining a spirit of curiosity, we’re all better poised to achieve greatness in ag marketing and ag tech.

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Have an idea for a project?

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table in the Connection Point! It’s always great to meet others who are passionate about this incredible industry. We’re excited to continue to learn, grow, and innovate together as we shape the future of agriculture. Ready to connect about your ag tech project? Reach out to us today!