Shared values, shared success: Pixo's core values and our ag clients

Pixo's core values resonate with the ethos of the agriculture industry, which makes Pixo a great partner for agtech and ag projects.
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About Pixo's core values awards

The Pixo Core Values Awards are a hallowed tradition in our halls. Each year, we honor select Pixonauts who have upheld one of our core values with excellence and pride. Our team nominates their peers and selects the winners, who are honored at our final staff meeting of the year. This may sound like it’s all fun and games, but the selection process is hard. What can we say? We have a great team. We also have incredible clients. The values we hold so dear are ones many industries find relatable, but that’s especially true for our agriculture clients. Keep reading to learn how our core values closely align with our clients in the ag space.

Pixo core value: We demand quality of ourselves and each other

At Pixo, we know what we’re capable of. We also know how many people stand to benefit when we’re operating at our best. Who else does that sound like? Professionals in agriculture. In ag, the pursuit of quality is key in all aspects, from seeds and growing agents to equipment and agriculture-related technology. Whether developing innovative technologies or delivering exceptional service, Pixo and agriculture professionals demand nothing short of excellence.

Pixo core value: Diversity makes us stronger

Just as biodiversity enhances the resilience of ecosystems in agriculture, diversity fosters innovation and adaptability in the technology sector. As a woman-owned small business, Pixo recognizes the strength of diversity and champions inclusivity in the workplace. Drawing from various perspectives and experiences to drive innovation and problem-solving in the tech and ag space.

Pixo core value: We take initiative

What’s the first step in conquering any challenge … well, taking the first step. Having the boldness to push forward is one way to show initiative. Another is always to strive above and beyond — at every step on your path. In agriculture and technology, taking initiative is essential for seizing opportunities, mitigating risks, and driving progress. Growers must proactively adapt to changing weather and market conditions, implement new techniques, and explore innovative solutions to improve productivity and sustainability within their operations. Similarly, Pixo encourages our team to take initiative, empowering everyone to identify and address challenges, pursue new ideas, and drive positive change within our organization.

Pixo core value: We are committed to work-life balance

Depending on your perspective on this topic, we can admit that this core value may be a little more difficult for those in the ag space to maintain. Still, allow us to explain why this concept is important to both Pixo and those in the ag world. During the demands of planting and harvest seasons, maintaining a healthy work-life balance may be tricky for agriculture professionals. However, it’s also at these times that protecting one’s well-being is the most important. For us, that looks like offering our team a work environment that allows for harmony between work and play. In agriculture, it may look like prioritizing rest when possible during busy seasons, proactively asking for help, and taking necessary steps to operate in a productive, safe manner. 

Pixo core value: We’re on our client’s team

In agriculture, success is measured not only by individual accomplishments but also by the collective achievements of farmers, suppliers, and many others working towards a common goal. Similarly, Pixo views our clients as partners, collaborating closely with you to understand your needs, challenges, and goals. Working together for the greater good is something Pixo and agriculture professionals most certainly have in common.

illustrated graphic showing each of Pixo's core values

Pixo core value: We invest

Investment is a cornerstone of progress in both the agriculture and technology fields. Growers invest in advanced machinery, sustainable practices, and research to optimize production. Likewise, Pixo invests in research, development, and talent to drive innovation and stay at the front of technological advancements. Additionally, those in the ag space and Pixonauts know the importance of investing in relationships. Without the people we serve, what’s the point of what either industry does? Investing time and energy into our relationships is what makes the work we do at Pixo so fulfilling.

Pixo core value: We’re honest and transparent

In the famous words of the late Ohio farmer Dave Brandt, “It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.” Isn’t that what it all comes down to at the end of the day: working hard, doing a good job, and making an honest living? We want our clients always to know they can trust the Pixo team at our word, a sentiment we very much believe to be true for those in the world of agriculture as well.

Pixo core value: People come first

At the heart of both agriculture and technology are the people we serve. Pixo places people at the forefront of our operations, prioritizing the well-being, development, and satisfaction of both our team and our clients. After performing many projects in conjunction with clients in the agriculture industry, we know ag folks do the same. That’s a huge part of why we love developing solutions for clients who work in ag!

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