Celebrating our 2023 Core Value Award winners

It's that time of year again – announcing the folks who exemplified our core values in 2023!
Headshots of the 2023 Core Value Award winners

About our tradition

Here at Pixo, our list of core values is the compass that guides our daily work, shaping how we collaborate together and serve our clients. It’s an annual joy to shine a spotlight on those Pixonauts who embodied our values throughout the year.

As always, our team nominates their peers, and from those nominations, standouts are chosen to represent each of our eight core values. Let’s give a round of applause to our 2023 winners, along with a sneak peek into the glowing praises shared about them during our lively awards ceremony.


People come first

Winner: Amanda Langworthy, lead content strategist

Amanda is driven by a desire to do right by people — from overwhelmed content authors to end users to her own teammates. This year she led clients through some messy content strategy projects with much patience, making their lives easier and their websites better in the long run. She shares causes she cares about and speaks up to be a voice for fellow Pixonauts. We admire her incredible work ethic and commitment to equity.

We’re honest and transparent

Winner: Ben Young, senior software engineer

Longtime Pixonaut Ben is honest and transparent with his work, giving clients straight answers and pointing out risks without masking them or covering them up. He’s also an advocate on his team when he thinks a work function or process needs to change. And he manages to do all of this in a direct, honest, yet kind way.

We demand quality of ourselves and others

Winner: Lyndsey Groth, creative director

Lyndsey never fails to show up, share her expertise and close knowledge gaps, or contribute to planning visionary work. She communicates her requests for others clearly, and always executes on what she promises. She stepped into a new role in 2023, and was a linchpin of success on several projects by stepping in and advocating for quality work and clear communication.

We’re on our client’s team

Winner: Alyssa Musante, software engineer

Alyssa was a favorite of several clients in 2023 who gave her glowing reviews (We love to see it!). Among her great work was the willingness to be on those clients’ teams, helping them where she could and pushing the projects forward.

We take initiative

Winner: Jackie Ritter, general manager

Even though she’s relatively new to Pixo, Jackie hasn’t let that stop her from speaking up on ways she sees we can improve. She tackled some hard issues in 2023 with a smile on her face. Her confidence in taking these giant steps forward shows how much of a leader she is.

We invest

Winner: Ré Sliwa, operations manager

Ré helps all of Pixo invest wisely through her purchasing and finance roles, and she invests in us through employee engagement and benefits management. Plus, the ways she invests in herself inspire us to do the same for ourselves—boxing gym, anyone?

Diversity makes us stronger

Winner: Noor Hillmy, lead project manager

Noor is the queen of activities, and we love hearing about how she bravely tackles new hobbies, like sailing and winter camping (even if we’re not convinced yet to try the latter). Her inspiring pursuits mirror her inclusive spirit, making her a shining example of the richness that different perspectives and experiences bring to any team.

We are committed to work/life balance

Winner: Jenna Frye, lead account coordinator

Jenna not only takes time to recharge, as others at Pixo do, but she also shows up at work however she is able. If she’s got 80%, she’s bringing all 80%. When she only has 30%, she figures out how to put that 30% to good use. And when she needs to ride out a storm, she delegates what needs to be covered. She’s a great example of how to give ourselves the same grace we tend to give to others.