Should I publish this page?

by Amanda Langworthy, Lead content strategist

Your website isn’t a filing cabinet — it’s a tool to help specific people accomplish specific tasks. Here’s a helpful decision tree for knowing when to add new content to your site, and when to help stakeholders understand there’s a more useful place for it.

Flow chart bubbles connected by arrows
Laptop with a grid of remote meeting participants on screen next to a coffee mug on a table
How to show up for a remote meeting when you don’t want to

Meetings are an essential part of creating digital products, but they can be hard — especially when remote. Use your next meeting as an experiment to slow down and lean in.

Teal Post-it note and coral astronaut illustrations high-fiving
Three steps to help with tough working relationships

Sharing timely, kind feedback is the best way to shed the mental weight of a hard work situation.

An illustrated astronaut overwhelmed by a collage of website homepages
More websites, more problems? You could use a multisite

Managing multiple sites for one organization can be a challenge. Wrangle your sites under one roof to save time, resources, and your own sanity.

Line drawing of a white road on teal background
Why I traded the corporate path for a career in consulting

I was convinced I wanted to work at large corporations, until I realized a smaller consultancy felt more like me.

Google search engine page
Good SEO starts at the core of your website

Don't know where to begin with SEO? Useful content and well-engineered pages are the first step to search engine optimization.

LinkedIn share card with image, title and URL
Metadata cheatsheet: Your guide to great-looking share cards

When you share a page from your site, what does the link look like? Be intentional about metadata to give readers a reason to click.

Screenshots of object map and documentation
Why I became OOUX-certified

The object-oriented user experience (OOUX) methodology is now core to my work as a UX designer to break down complex systems.

An aerial view of seven UX-related books on a white tabletop
Just starting out in UX? Don't miss these resources

Here's a list of books, blogs, and tools we recommend for discovering more about the user experience field.

An illustration of the Figma app logo and a GIF icon
Getting GIFy with it: How to mock up background video in Figma

How can you, the designer, demonstrate a motion background with a static mockup? This Figma tip will help you share your vision with clients and the development team.

Pixo values 2021 award winners shown next to a trophy
Winners of the 2021 Core Value Awards from their peers

In accordance with Pixo tradition, we celebrated Pixo’s values during our last staff meeting of 2021 by honoring Pixonauts who best upheld each of our values during the year.

An illustration of university admins applauding their own website while a student begs for application instructions.
A reminder for university administrators: Your website isn't for you

If your website could only communicate one thing, what would it be?

The WordPress logo surrounded by electric-looking arrows and lightning bolts.
How to bring modern development best practices to WordPress

Is WordPress still relevant? We think so. Here's the technology stack we use at Pixo to make WordPress a first-class experience for our developers and a quality product for our clients.

A screengrab of code.
Hyperfine makes benchmarking CLI apps easy

With tooling like this, you could have a script that will benchmark the developer’s/CI agent’s machine the first time it’s run and then leave behind a small settings file with the best configuration.

A box full of snacks, little champagne bottles, and a Pixo sticker.
Partying on Zoom: A look at Pixo’s end of the year celebration in 2020

How did we make our holiday party remote AND fun?

Jason Berg and Mel Miller laughing together in Crane Alley in Urbana.
New business owners Melinda Miller and Jason Berg

Before the buyout, Melinda and Jason had been effectively running the company since January 2019 and have been part of Pixo’s leadership team since 2013 and 2015, respectively.