A very human tech conference: Pixo’s experience at Web Con 2024

Several of us from Pixo attended the annual University of Illinois Web Conference. As a longstanding supporter of this event, which was in its 24th year, we were proud once again to be presenters and attendees.
image of three heads in bubbles, showing the three speakers of the event this blog recaps

Pixo's Web Con experience

Our partnership with higher education and the University of Illinois runs deep. Each year, we look forward to engaging with higher-ed tech professionals from across the country at Web Con. Hearing about their interests, expertise, and the intersection of technology with the human experience is always an enlightening experience for us. As a woman/LGBT-owned tech consultancy, we were proud to be a part of an event that actively works towards making the industry more representative of all voices and prioritizes accessibility and inclusion.

Throughout the conference, we heard from some incredible speakers, including our own Jason Rambeck, Jenna Frye, and Amanda Langworthy. Jason discussed why it’s vital to make things easy for website content creators, and Jenna gave some great advice on creating a strong remote work culture, which is more important than ever. Amanda led attendees through essential tips for improving search engine optimization (SEO) by practicing good content strategy.

The Web Con mixer at Gallery Art Bar

four people smiling at the camera in a selfie, inside a colorful bar at a networking event
From left to right: Jenna Frye, Jason Rambeck, Danielle Hendricks, and Melinda Miller at the Web Con mixer at Gallery Art Bar

After the first day’s talks, we strolled across the street from our office in downtown Urbana to Gallery Art Bar, where this year’s Web Con mixer was held. It was so nice to meet face-to-face with people we typically interact with on Zoom. We’re so thankful to the dedicated committee of volunteers who make this event happen every year, and it was great to say hello in person.

Our speakers and several other Pixonauts attended other conference sessions and walked away with solid insights. Here are some of their top takeaways:

“The keynote speaker, Jepson Taylor, said something that will never leave my mind. He said that we need to have an allergic reaction to the status quo. I loved how he said it and it made me feel a little better about always wanting to be curious about the why behind the work. If we never question why, it will never change.” — Danielle Hendricks, Director of business development

Pixo had key takeaways about the other speakers

“I appreciated Charlotte Claussen showing ChatGPT’s attempts at writing push notifications in her talk, ‘Good writing skills don’t make you a good UX writer.’ AI can’t (yet) fully understand a person’s circumstances when their flight is canceled or their GPS is rerouted. Clear, concise, actionable communication needs humans, at least for right now.” — Lyndsey Groth, Creative director

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Thank you to the University of Illinois for hosting another memorable Web Con and to all the attendees and speakers who made it such an amazing experience. We can’t wait for next year!