Website audits: An easy way to end the year strong

The end of the year is coming soon — what can you do with these last few weeks? Our advice: check in on your website.
Lindsey and Allie reviewing a computer screen together at the Pixo office

Audit your site this year

It’s easy to forget about web maintenance and best practices when you’re busy with other projects throughout the year. But things like web accessibility violations, performance drags, and design inconsistencies can pile up, making your website less effective over time. An audit can make a big difference, especially if you don’t have resources for a full website redesign.

This year, did you:

  • Upload images without resizing for web?
  • Skip the alt text, thinking you’d do it later?
  • Add a page without giving it a rightful home in the navigation?
  • Forget to make sure content is accessible to people with disabilities?

Things like this can slow down your website and frustrate your visitors, so there’s no time like the present — make a list and check it twice now, before another year goes by.

How to audit your website

The web team at Pixo recommends the following audits to keep your site in ship shape. Follow the links for tools, tips, and checklists!

  • Content Strategy — Review your web content for readability, redundancy, and relevance to your key audiences.
  • Accessibility — Run an accessibility audit to ensure you are meeting standards and providing an equitable experience to all.
  • Performance — Learn how to test your site’s speed and make updates to improve load time.
  • WordPress — Avoid starting the new year with website headaches by addressing security vulnerabilities and user experience frustrations.

Need help with your audit?

If you don’t have time to audit your site or don’t know where to start, we can help. Pixo offers scalable audits for common website pain points so you can start strong in the new year. These are geared toward people who might not have the budget or time for a website redesign right now, but could benefit from small, impactful changes.

If interested in an audit to improve your current site or help make the case for a new site, contact us here.