Tools that work: Maximize your farm's productivity with Pixo

For farmers, more uptime spent operating means more revenue and better work/life balance. Pixo builds agtech tools to maximize productivity on the farm and minimize the busywork.
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Get more out of the daylight hours by building efficiency into your tech on the farm.

What does "uptime" mean to you?

Uptime is crucial for farmers. More uptime means more work done and more revenue. It also means quality downtime for the really good stuff in life—like your hobbies and time spent with friends and family.

In the tech world, uptime means your tools are always running, minimizing downtime, which is critical for efficiency. Just as farmers need their equipment to work reliably, tech tools must be dependable. If a website is down or a tool isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, users move on quickly.

At Pixo, we know how important it is to keep things running smoothly and working for the users who need it. We create accessible, custom tools and software so you can replace painful systems that waste time, resources, and the energy of the folks who use them.

Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Drowning in spreadsheets? We develop custom applications to help agri-businesses manage their unique workflows, inventories, and processes.
  • Is your data working for you? Leverage the numbers with a custom solution to drive growth, efficiency, and productivity with your real data.
  • Is nothing talking to each other? Connect all your tools with integrated systems and user-friendly dashboards.

Ready to boost your efficiency?

Pixonauts are here to build tools that work for you and focus your energy where it’s truly needed.

Talk to us about what’s burning your daylight.