Pixo’s annual Dorito Day: The power of celebrating just because

Our favorite made-up holiday is as much about shared joy as it is about junk food.
An illustration of a bowl of chips on background of chips
Dorito Day is here to stay — this bowl of chips icon is even part of the Pixo brand now. Some things just stick (like Dorito dust to your fingers).


Five minibags of Doritos overlaying a brown bag and a note
This year’s hand-delivered Doritos haul. Hey Frito-Lay, want to sponsor us next year?

Pixo’s Dorito Day began in 2015, based on a summer intern’s love of the less-than-healthy snack. Seven years later, the intern is long gone, and we’re still doing it. Why? Because it’s fun.

Each year, our staff looks forward to the one glorious day when Pixo treats us to a big serving of Spicy Nacho. And Cool Ranch. And once upon a time, Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wings (R.I.P.).

Not everyone loves Doritos, to be clear. Some of us have dietary restrictions or just don’t find them delicious. But everyone can get behind a special day for a ridiculous food and debate its merits accordingly.

For DD 2022, our third year celebrating remotely, we all received Dorito (or Dorito-alternative) deliveries to our doorsteps, from Texas to Illinois to Tennessee. Now that we have staff across the country, you could say that Dorito Day is sweeping the nation — and we can crunch as loudly as we want from home.

Part 2

Of all foods, you might wonder why this one sticks. Could we claim that we celebrate with chips because, you know, they’re like… computer chips? And we develop software… for computers? Sure, if you need it to mean something. But we really just do it because we can — for no other reason than to bond over the best (and worst) flavors, share Dorito-inspired recipes, and break preservative-filled bread together.

A Zoom grid of staff members in a meeting holding up Dorito bags
We enjoyed Doritos and some flavor debate at our monthly Pixo Together gathering — renamed Flamin' Hot Pixo Together for this occasion.

Part 3

The point is: life is short. The last few years have been hard. Pick your favorite junk food and make a day of it. (Shoutout to Austin the intern for inspiring ours.)