International web platform for Precision Planting

Precision Planting website homepages stylishly arranged in a diagonal pattern


Precision Planting makes technology and hardware that allow farmers to customize and upgrade their farming equipment, available through dealers around the world. After Pixo successfully built and launched the flagship website for Precision Planting in North America, we helped the company expand their web presence as their operation grew globally.

The challenge: Global alignment with local flexibility

When expanding to international regions, Precision Planting needed product information and branding to be consistent across all websites. However, languages vary by region, as do product offerings, so built-in flexibility was key.

To further understand site goals and requirements, Pixo content strategists interviewed Precision Planting representatives in five international regions. We learned that the types of content that customers find convincing and useful are universal: product specifications, research, and event notices. We also learned that any research and data published about the products should be specific to the region’s crops and language. The biggest priority for representatives was for product specifications to be a reliable reference for potential customers. 

The solution: A regional template and centralized product catalog

We knew a “monolith” site that offers every region the same content with surface-level translations would restrict regions from communicating their unique offerings. We also knew a series of completely independent sites wouldn’t be the right solution either, since consistency and efficiency were priority. Precision Planting needed something that allowed for both centralized and distributed elements.

We created a custom content management system with a template that can be reproduced as the company expands into new areas. The template allows regional managers to showcase their own news, research, and events with images that reflect farming practices and crops in their area. Features can be turned on and off as needed, depending on the location or staff’s capacity for updating content. 

Homepage and dealer locator page from Precision Planting Spain website
Location-specific homepage and dealer locator for Precision Planting Spain.

Product Data CMS

To ensure consistent product information, we pulled the original product catalog out of the North American site and created a headless CMS, where it can be centrally managed and distributed via an API to each regional site. Content managers can use the side-by-side view to easily translate the company’s standard product information from English to their respective language.

Product listing page and product detail page
Product pages on the Precision Planting Germany site.

The result: A trusted resource around the world

The international web platform helped Precision Planting level up their global presence and created infrastructure for future growth. As the company’s reach has evolved, some sites have been sunset and new ones have been launched. The solution Pixo provided has made these changes easy and efficient, so regional representatives can focus less on updating web content and more on customer outreach.

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