Landi Najarro

Landi Najarro


"Obstacles are what you see only when you lose sight of your goals."

Landi joined the Pixo team as our Support Engineer Intern in 2013, as she was finishing up her computer engineering degree at the University of Illinois. As soon as she stepped off the graduation stage, Pixo snatched her up! 

As a software engineer, Landi is an integral part of several teams and projects across Pixo. She spent years responsible for our extensive Technical Support and End User Help Desk. Now she uses her experience in support and accessibility to advocate for end users in the software she writes. Landi advises and tests for quality assurance and ensures project go-lives go smoothly. You’ll want her on your team for any static site, enterprise-level site, or connected engineering project that connects hardware and software.

Landi grew up in Chicago and trained in martial arts beginning at the age of 8. She used her training to teach martial arts to children with disabilities, which sparked her passion for accessibility. 

She has been instrumental in outreach programs to get young women and underrepresented students interested in engineering (including volunteering at the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club). Every other summer, she teaches robotics to high school girls at the Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) camp, hosted by Women in Engineering at the U of I.

As Pixo’s reigning karaoke queen, Landi can slay a Beyonce run; as a Zumba enthusiast, you can find her leading a breathless group of Pixonauts every so often in our café. And if you’ve ever been to a Champaign Ladies Amateur Wrestling (CLAW) meet and wondered how the wrestlers fall so gracefully without getting injured… thank Landi.


JavaScript: Angular, React, React Native, Mocha & Chai, Nunjucks, Stylus

PHP: Symfony, Twig

Other languages: C, C# dotnet, C++, HTML/CSS, Assembler

Databases: MSSQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Firebase

* Certified Scrum Master – 12/2020


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – B.S. in Computer Engineering


Pixo – Support Engineer (2013-2017), Developer (2017-present)
University of Illinois Girls Adventure in Math, Engineering & Science, 2008-Present – Robotics Coordinator, Computer Science Coordinator, Lab Assistant, Counselor
University of Illinois Women in Engineering, 2013 – Office Support Associate
University of Illinois Micro & Nanotechnology Laboratory, 2010 – Curriculum Developer

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