Growing our curiosity in agriculture

Last week, a few members of the Pixo team visited a farm operation in Kokomo, Indiana, to learn about many aspects of their business.
Farmer watching corn fill a semi trailer

Farm visit

Last week, a few members of the Pixo team visited a farm operation in Kokomo, Indiana. We spent the day talking with the management team about many aspects of their business. Besides learning about the day-to-day operations, we also discussed how they carefully consider and plan for the future. The conversation sparked many inspiring ideas that are still sitting with us a week after the visit. Here are a few early reflections from the Pixo team (more to come!):

The Pixo team tours the farm
The Pixo team tours the farm.

Our takeaways

Danielle Hendricks and a farmer in front of a combine
Learning about the harvesting process.

Melinda Miller, CEO: They have a 7 a.m. standup, just like our software company does! (OK, ours aren’t at 7 a.m., but hey, still a cool coincidence.)

The team is immensely thoughtful about staff planning. Team members have primary roles (e.g., Daryl runs the corn planter), and they plan for who is going to back them up. (“We have two people who can competently operate each piece of equipment.”) And they consider how younger members of the team are going to learn new skills.

The operation, headquartered on a piece of land bought by the family in 1930, morphs and changes every year. To spend time on a modern family farm is to feel an incredible juxtaposition of tradition and change, heritage and looking forward, learning your elders’ hard-fought wisdom, and embracing the unknown when necessary. 

Danielle Hendricks, Director of business development: The level of organization on the farm was impressive. With so many moving parts, even the smallest details are vital to setting yourself up for a successful year. 


Lyndsey Groth, Creative director: So much about farming is unpredictable — the weather, the market, the neighbors, even. Being able to control what you can — the user interface of a screen, or the software used to collect data — is crucial to save time and resources.

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