An illustration of an engineer checking laptops in a chicken coop.
Taking the anxiety out of running a website
Websites won’t last forever, but regular maintenance will keep yours healthy and useful as long as you need it.
7 ways Symfony helped us build an international site
Making an international site is hard, but Symfony made it easier.
Text showing the title of Pixo's #design-discourse Slack channel.
Eyetracking tips, designing for older people, confirmation modals — and more!
A peek into Pixo’s design-discourse channel, where we get inspired and glimpse the future of software.
Resources for “just enough strategy”
…or for anyone wanting to build a site with great content
A conference table and chairs, with a laptop and supplies spread out.
Drawing toast: My new favorite brainstorm icebreaker
Turn anyone into a visual communicator in three minutes or less.
A LED display showing a string of lights design.
Hacking the holidays for a good cause
How we replaced our print holiday card with a website, 1,400 LED lights, and support for an invaluable community resource
a black and white graphic logo, with the word Symfony.
Symfony 4: Autowiring in a nutshell
Symfony moved into version 4 last November. One of the best patterns embraced by the newest major version of this venerable framework is Autowiring — basically a term for Dependency Injection that uses PHP type-hinting.
A variety of data visualizations with bright colors
Inclusive color palettes for the web
My mission to create color palettes that are appealing AND accessible.
A group of people gathered around a whiteboard with lots of notes on it.
A practical way to organize usability test insights
Try this note-taking and prioritization tool.