Like many in the web world, Jason’s interest in web design started as a hobby in 2000, when the world wide web was taking off. At that time, he was a missionary and bible school instructor in Africa. Although Jason doesn’t claim the mythical status of “unicorn,” he has been involved in all areas of web craft, from design to development. Today, his focus is mainly on front-end development and CMS strategy.
Jason became involved with Pixo over the years though his involvement in various Drupal Camps as speaker and attendee and through his own local meet-up group. He has been working with Pixo as a contractor on various projects since 2015.
At home, Jason can be found piddling around his small farm with his growing family and flocks of chickens and ducks or singing songs, both silly and serious, with his ukulele. Jason is actively involved in his church and he and his wife Caren serve as Missions Coordinators.


Spirit Life Bible College – Missions School


Rambeck Group, 2008-2017 — Principle Consultant / Designer / Developer

Maxwire, 2005-2008 — Systems Administrator, General Manager

Freelance Web Designer,  2002-2007

Missionary, Namibia, Africa, 2000-2001 — Bible School Administrator & Instructor

Advanced Graphics & Publishing, 1999-2000 — Desktop Publishing Production Assistant

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