Do you need a web content specialist?

by Amanda Langworthy, Lead content strategist

Content is often the most time-consuming part of creating and maintaining a new website. Here's how you know when to hire a dedicated web content specialist and what skills they need.

A note pad with a red pen on top of it
Jason Berg and Mel Miller laughing together in Crane Alley in Urbana.
New business owners Melinda Miller and Jason Berg

Before the buyout, Melinda and Jason had been effectively running the company since January 2019 and have been part of Pixo’s leadership team since 2013 and 2015, respectively.

What we believe; what we’re going to do

We willingly join the global call for justice and commit to measuring what matters.

A hand-drawn phone showing a restaurant website and a frustrated person wondering if they're open.
How to update your restaurant’s website for a pandemic

Content changes are cheap, Grubhub sucks, and I’m hungry, so let’s figure this out together.

An illustration depicting a world of connected technologies.
Nothing talks to each other: Solving the problem of connecting multiple systems

When hardware and software are “talking” to each other, that conversation introduces a lot of complexity. We uncover true insights about your users to guide us.

Water-like background with the word 'fluid' repeated in two different colors and varying sizes.
Defining fluid typography with static design mockups

And how it helps designers make the leap between initial vision and final product.

An illustration of an engineer checking laptops in a chicken coop.
Taking the anxiety out of running a website

Websites won’t last forever, but regular maintenance will keep yours healthy and useful as long as you need it.

7 ways Symfony helped us build an international site

Making an international site is hard, but Symfony made it easier.

Text showing the title of Pixo's #design-discourse Slack channel.
Eyetracking tips, designing for older people, confirmation modals — and more!

A peek into Pixo’s design-discourse channel, where we get inspired and glimpse the future of software.

Resources for “just enough strategy”

…or for anyone wanting to build a site with great content

A conference table and chairs, with a laptop and supplies spread out.
Drawing toast: My new favorite brainstorm icebreaker

Turn anyone into a visual communicator in three minutes or less.

A LED display showing a string of lights design.
Hacking the holidays for a good cause

How we replaced our print holiday card with a website, 1,400 LED lights, and support for an invaluable community resource

a black and white graphic logo, with the word Symfony.
Symfony 4: Autowiring in a nutshell

Symfony moved into version 4 last November. One of the best patterns embraced by the newest major version of this venerable framework is Autowiring — basically a term for Dependency Injection that uses PHP type-hinting.

A variety of data visualizations with bright colors
Inclusive color palettes for the web

My mission to create color palettes that are appealing AND accessible.

A group of people gathered around a whiteboard with lots of notes on it.
A practical way to organize usability test insights

Try this note-taking and prioritization tool.